Sunday, February 27, 2011

Miley Cyrus Wallpaper #2

Miley Cyrus Wallpaper #2 - Was Billy Ray Cyrus Jealous of Miley's Success? - And if Billy Ray truly felt Miley was growing up to fast and making imprudent life choices, he had several years to step in as a father.

Miley Cyrus Wallpaper

Miley Cyrus Wallpaper #2 1280x800

I'm sure he knew that he was benefiting from Miley's success. Hannah Montana had not only catapulted his daughter to fame, but it also revived his own career.

Après avoir fait la déclaration controversée que la célébrité et Hannah Montana a détruit sa famille, certains lecteurs commencent à se demander si les commentaires Bill Ray Cyrus au sujet de sa fille, Miley, sont ancrées dans la jalousie plutôt que de la sollicitude paternelle.

After making the controversial statement that fame and Hannah Montana destroyed his family, some readers are beginning to wonder if Bill Ray Cyrus' comments about his daughter, Miley, were rooted in jealousy rather than fatherly concern.

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